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Today I am bringing you another polish from my Mexico haul. I stayed at the Royal Mayan which offers two bedroom villas rather than the standard hotel room. It's designed for rather long visits since each villa has a kitchenette. As such, there is a small market on the property. We hit that market pretty much everyday since we were making mojitos  and chomping totopos  and fresh guacamole in our villa at night. Of course the market offered gifts, postcards and personal care items.
So, me and my sister went in on our last day to pick out candy and whatnot for my nephews when she found me nail polish! (This is now my favorite hotel ever. And I was already impressed that they sold cotton rounds AND pure acetone.) They had a small selection with some surprisingly good color choices. I could've easily cleaned them out but I had to show some restraint. So, I walked out with this little cutie:

Two coats, no base or top

This is Mattiz #10. It is a vibrant, tomato red jelly. My pics look a bit more orange because it does have those tones but this resembles the color of tomato aspic. I am in love. This applies so smoothly and dries in no time.
I've noticed that almost all of my polishes from Mexico dry really fast. I've also noticed that many are rarely named much less numbered. Just sayin'.
This is great in only two coats with some VNL. Three coats is much more opaque and would soothe those who hate seeing VNL. 

This makes me so happy when I look at it. I am definitely loving the red jellies!
Hope you've enjoyed this. I shall have some more pics to come, my Caribe 2.0 mani was pretty sweet!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Yeah, I'm not a fan of VNL -sometimes, I think it matters of the color. ^_^ lol

    Anyways, I lovin' the Mexico haul Keep 'Em Coming!


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