Pigeons, Iguanas and Mayan Ruins, oh my!

Good morning guys!

Today I have another number from Mexico to show you as well as some pics from my visit to the walled city of Tulum.

This is another Walmart find, a Spanish brand called Lady Ole. I adore the brand name, it makes me smile.
There were lots of great colors to choose from and I dare say, Lady Ole was the best of the brands I saw regarding color range. I again had a difficult time choosing especially since I had JUST picked up a few polishes at La Isla. This brand was also different because the colors actually had names and that is why this little one made into my bag and home. The name???

Red Pigeon
No kidding, y'all. I love this name. It is too funny.

Three coats, no base or top

Red Pigeon is a red creme with subtle pink shimmer and flash. This applies just beautifully and dries crazy quick. It's not my normal choice because I am so picky about reds. It's a teensy bit sheer but nothing to worry about. This is something I would probably wear more often as a pedi color.

We visited the walled city of  Tulum on the same day we visited Xel-Ha and it was simply breathtaking.
Tulum sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean and it was amazing. You enter through a wall into dry jungle and see the temples and it isn't until you walk up to the overlook that you truly realize that you are in fact at the seaside. Stunning!

 The overlook. The small building to the left acts as a hurricane siren.

Entrance to the cenote

Iguana hanging out.

 The entrance into the city. Please enjoy the back view
of me and my sister's heads.

 Augustin, our tour guide.
He speaks English, French and Portugese as well as Spanish.
I envy his mad skills.


Tulum was so beautiful. Visiting such a place leaves me in awe. I can't wait to go back because we will probably visit Coba or Ek' Balam. I love exploring these ruins!

That will do it for today. It's my Friday and I have lots to do it before the weekend. My birthday is on Sunday and I'm planning on having family and friends over for a super yummy meal. There will be more of my Mexican haul to come!

Have a great day!


  1. Por qué te pintas tan mal las uñas?

  2. Yo pinto mis uñas como ésta para mostrar el color no, una manicura terminado. Manicuras final un aspecto diferente.

  3. Oh my GOSH I want to go! I would have had so much fun. That color is wicked cute - I love the flash in it.


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