Take not thy thunder from us (Bonus Kitteh Pic!)

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to show you today's mani because I wowed myself with some layering. I will offer the following caveats though.

1. I know my nails look rough. I took the pic after work. My job is not nice to my hands.
2. It's not as smoothly applied as possible. I found today that I need MUCH better lighting in my polish room. Also, more coffee. Just sayin'.
3. I did not have time to take pics before work. I did not manage my time well.

Here ya go:

Two coats Sinful Dream On
over ridge filler
Topped with two coats
Hard Candy Beetle.

Holy shitballs that is amazing. I gotta do this again but better. Not loving the curved break on my index finger though. Like I said, the job is rough on the hands. 

Now for funsies and for those that aren't friends on Facebook, here is a cute picture of Gus.

He loves him some boxes.

That do it for today. I'm going to cuddle with my loves on the couch. Got another early day tomorrow!


  1. Great mani the color looks so gorgeous, I love the layering!
    -I want to get Hard Candy Beetle, does it look good opaque? and how many coat would you say to make opaque?

  2. Oh, this is AWESOME! I love this layering combo.

  3. love the polish but zomg cute kitty in a box!

  4. Monique - Beetle is good to go in three coats. The dry time is pretty good too. Thank you for coming by, I always love hearing from you!

    Maeve - Thank you. It was really fun and it looks amazing in the sun. Which is a rare occurrence for me unfortunately.

    Ange - I am loving you, girl. Don't forget! I did love that pic of Gus. I tweeted it to Zappos too. I am the crazy cat lady!


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