Xel-ha, a paradise experience! (Pic Heavy.)

Good morning!

Today I'm showing my Caribe 2.0 manicure. I had to wait for Matt to find just the right place to compare my mani with the water before he would take a picture. (What can I say? He likes to get involved in these things.)

We went to Xel-ha, which is an eco water park near Playa Del Carmen and the Mayan ruins of Tulum.
It is amazing. The park offers snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, sea turtles you name it. The place has so much to do and we barely scratched the surface. They even have some kick ass buffets, which we hit over and over. (MMM...they had fresh goat cheese...)
Part of what makes Xel-ha so interesting is that the water is a mix of salt and fresh water. It can make things blurry when snorkeling because that's when the two meet. Really cool.

Remember, all pictures can be clicked to enlarge.


We did not swim with the dolphins because Matt is not comfortable with it. However, they do offer another dolphin experience that we have to try next time that seems a little less exploitative. But the dolphins were beautiful and amazing to watch.

We did do some snorkeling and we covered so much of the park. My sister and me were chasing rainbow fish and parrot fish to get good pictures of them. We thought we did pretty good until we came to the floating bridge.

This was a crazy experience just to cross!

When we crossed the bridge, we saw all of these people holding on the bridge in the water. That's when we realized that all kinds of fish were hanging out under the bridge. What a fantastic photo op that we missed! Next time, yo.

Anyway, we crossed the bridge and came to a gorgeous spot that gave a great view of the water and this is where Matt decided we could take a picture of my nails.

Click to enlarge
Base is WNW Nocturnal
Hard Candy Frenzy and WNW French White Creme
sponged over top with
one thin coat of Pure Ice Heartbreaker topping things off.

Please don't mind the state of my hands. I had been soaking in salt water for a few hours...

We had the very best time at Xel-ha and cannot wait to go back. I have to do Seatrek!

So I leave you with a couple more pics so you can see how gorgeous Xel-ha is. Plus, you have got to see my handsome hubs and just how skinny he is now. He has lost almost 80 pounds since starting his diet last August. Awesome work, Matt!

 Look how hot and sexy that man is.

Me and my sister. She is just so gorgeous!

They had a little feed box on the bridge, so this was a popular spot.

There's a bar here that we got some fantastic margaritas and
they have a sweet little hammock spot to chill and nap.

Thanks for indulging me. I adored Xel-ha and I want to go back. I didn't see it all and I must!
Next time, I will show you the amazing ruins of Tulum. They are magical.


  1. Gorgeous place!
    -Love your beach water inspired mani (:

    Oh la la nice bikini ;)
    It looks like you had fun in Mexico, that would have been cool to swim with the dolphins too bad you didn't get the chance too

  2. Oh my gosh, your hair has gotten SO long - it's adorable! I still want to sneak away with you, every time you go.
    I can't wait to see the photos of Tulum!

  3. Its so beautiful!! and it looks so peace full in a way.. :D I love the water.

  4. Hi Mighty Lambchop!! my name is Angelica and I'm a Xel-Há representative. We are so glad that you enjoyed the park and food so much :) We love your photos and of course your caribean mani, it's awsome!! and that photo where you compare your nails with the ocean is great. If you have any question in your further visits please don't hesitate in contact me at agarcia@experienciasxcaret.com.mx , we also invite you to join our facebook and twitter (xelhapark) for more information and news about us. We would love you can share the photos of your experience there. Thank you for your visit!!

  5. You guys are in such great shape!!! I'm jealous! The photos look amazing and I can tell you guys had a great vacation. It is so nice to just get away, isn't it? Thanks for sharing!


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