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Good day!

I am bringing you the promised Essence pics today plus another look at the other Essence polish I own, purchased from Ulta last year.
Before we get to that, I'd like to address the fact that I am not speaking to my cats right now. They have all tossed me over for their auntie. Last night Trixie made herself comfortable on my sister's bed and stayed there all night. Then Dita and Gus decided they needed to be in there too. Mommy is not happy.
It is true that Trixie only sleeps in bed with me when Matt is out of town. It is also true that Trixie believes Matt to be a terrifying giant who is going to eat her soul. BUT. I am her BFF and I expect some loyalty. Like you do.

What really breaks my heart is Gus. He has always been my stalker kitteh. Every night he comes to bed with me, curls up at the foot and stares at me until I turn off the light. Every morning he's there, still watching and ready to follow me everywhere. Until now.  I'm just so disgusted. I can't possibly go on.

Since I'm feeling so sorry for myself, it's time to move on and show you some pretty nail polish.

What Do U Think
Three coats, no base or top

This is so pretty. As I understand it it is a dupe for Chanel Orange Fizz. Take from that bit of info what you will. I have yet to find a Chanel polish I'm lusting after so...yeah.
Anyhoo, this is a pretty peachy-orange creme with EXTREMELY subtle gold shimmer. Sadly, it is one of those that the gold goodness is most prominent in bottle. However, I did manage to capture it. This applies quite nicely and is okay in two coats but best in three.


Either way, this is one of those perfect Spring/Summer colors that makes you crave delicious fresh fruit.
It's also 99 cents. How can you go wrong?

The next little beauty I picked up is no surprise. I love me a good duochrome.

Where is the Party
Three coats, no base or top coats

Holy bats. This is sublime. It is an amazing duochrome. Basically it is a purple with silver/grey tones and flashes of green and blue. It applied really nicely and one could have gotten away with two coats but I always prefer three.

Finally, I have Just Rock It to show you all over again. I bought this last November at Ulta in Tualatin. The pics to follow were also taken with my old Lumix. Be warned!

Just Rock It
Three coats, no base or top coats

Just Rock It is a great navy creme. It's a little lighter than Orly La Playa. Again, it applies so nice. The brush on these is really fab and makes it very easy to apply quickly. Three coats is a must because it is a snotch sheer on two. No biggie but you can tell, yo.

So there ya have it y'all. I'm getting paid on Friday so you can be certain I'm headed back for more!
As for the cats, well...Trixie is trying her best to make it up to me in spite of her bad breath. We'll see how this goes.

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