:-( For my little fur brother...

Hi guys.

This is what's happening:

Last night my parents had to take their dog, Rallo, to the emergency vet hospital. My dad was out in the backyard taking some practice swings with his driver and Rallo rolled up right behind him.
The back swing hit Rallo in the face and he was injured very badly. He had to have surgery last night. He may not have vision left in his eye but the vet feels confident that he did not sustain any brain damage.
It is possible he may lose his eye but we won't know for some time.

My poor parents are beside themselves. My dad is really, really destroyed. He and Rallo are besties. My poor mom just doesn't know who needs comforting more, dad or Rallo. To top things off, they did not have the money for the surgery and so they had to ask us to help.

Matt has sorted things out for them but it really scared the two of us. No one really thinks about what happens if their pet has a medical emergency. We adore our kitties and would hate to be in this same situation. So we decided that Matt will cut back on golf and once I use my Sally gift card, I will be on a strict no-buy. We want to ensure we have quite a bit of our salaries saved should something happen.

I will keep you updated on Rallo's condition once I know more. I will see him today once he comes home from the hospital. That's one doggie who's getting lots of cookies...


  1. So sorry to hear this.. Hope he will recover good. Sending lots of hugs and good thoughts you way <3

  2. poor doggy...hope everything turns out for the best

  3. Poor doggy and poor papa lambchop too!
    Hopefully, the surgery works out and Rallo can keep his eye.

    I'm sending lots of good vibes to your dad too. Even though it was a freak accident, I can only imagine how terrible he must feel inside. :(

  4. Oh I feel sorry for you and the dog. I just can't take it when an animal is in pain

  5. Poor little guy! Hope he makes a speedy recovery.

  6. So sorry. Hope Rallo's eye is ok and your dad could get some relief

  7. I'm so sorry, I hope Rallo gets better and give your parents a big hug for me! -I can connect to your story when my little Lila had to have a $2000 surgery when a big ol' German Shepard took her away like a lil' rag doll.

    and I hope Rallo has a speedy recovery, and no permanent damage is there.

  8. Hugs to you and your parents :) I hope Rallo recovers quickly and gets to keep his eye.

    *sends good vibes your way*

  9. Awww! *hugs all around* And your poor dad, how terrifying for him especially. I'm praying for the best results and a easy recovery. I don't know if it covers surgeries, but I know some vets are now offering insurance.

  10. Oh NO!! Silly fur babies! I seem to step on my cats all the time. They don't seem to understand that feet walking = out of the way!

    I hope Rallo has a speedy recovery. I bet he will adjust just fine to having only one eye, they are amazing creatures. I hope your dad is ok too. Guilt is a horrible feeling.
    It's a very good idea to keep a few hundred to a few thousand aside for emergencies if you don't have pet insurance.

  11. Oh man! This is awful. I feel so sorry for your poor father! I hope all turns out well in the end.

  12. Thank you all so much for your kindness an well wishes. I showed my mom your comments and she was very touched. It really means so much to us. Sending each and everyone of you hugs!

  13. Oh no!!! Poor baby, and your poor parents. This made me tear up. I can't imagine how bad your dad must feel! I hope Rallo has a quick recovery and is back to his normal self soon.

    It's so true about vet expenses. We have two dogs,two cats and a horse. We've had so many unexpected vet trips/bills it's crazy. We decided to open a savings account just for the pets. We can't always put much in, but we do what we can. They are our babies. ;-) Give Rallo a scratch from me. ((hugs))

  14. Aww I hope Rallo get better soon. I hope your dad feels better soon. ;) *hugs* to you all.


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