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Good morning!

I have a little something that I picked up at Rite-Aid to show you today.

CQ Rustic Dream
Three coats, no base or top

Oh, how I adore a good duochrome...
I had seen some of the CQ polishes around on the blogs but it wasn't until I saw a different duochrome that I knew I needed it! 
Rustic Dream is one of my favorite kinds of duochrome. It's a nice brown toned orange that flashes pinky-red and what I think of as marigold. Kind of a golden brown yellow. It was very difficult to capture all of its facets thanks to the spotty sunshine. Nonetheless, this is stunning. I wore this for three days because I was enraptured.

There is one small issue I have with this. The application was super streaky and left a couple of bald patches. But I'm not certain it was the polish or my nails. I have a bad case of the peelies and have had since vacation. I mentioned before that every spring my nails get weird and refuse to play nice with polish. My left middle finger is the worst with it. Oy. Ridge filler was helpful for me but I will try this again once my nails get better.

I highly recommend this for any duochrome lover and the price is right too. I picked this up for $2.99 and ready to go back for more.

That does it for now. I'm way behind with lots to bring you so I will be working like mad writing and scheduling. Have a fabulous day!

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