Super snazzy at Freddy's! (Pacific Northwest Specific)

Hey guys!

I had the best day yesterday. I decided to hit up all the drugstores and whatnot in the area to see what I could see. (And pick up China Glaze Broken Hearted Crackle Glaze at Sally.) Anyway, I rolled into Fred Meyer fully expecting to be disappointed.
Why was I planning on being disappointed? Freddy's cosmetic department is really fucked up. They had Mlani ever so briefly and it was a little bit of polish and some bronzers and that was it. Then they dropped it! It had to have done well because the displays were always picked clean. (Besides by me!)
They were also the first retailer of this amazing bit of nail polish goodness. I speak of Cosmetic Arts and well...I heard from some people that it showed up in Portland area stores and that was it. Sure didn't make it to Eugene!
So frustrating!!! The final push that sent me over the edge was strolling into the West Eugene store and seeing LA Splash. It wasn't in Springfield and I didn't see it at another Eugene location. So, I flipped my shit and wrote Freddy's a very terse email demanding an explanation. That did not work so well and I gave up. I just decided it was best to expect Freddy's to bum me out.

Now, we can get to the point  of this. I walked into Freddy's beauty section, turned a corner and saw this:


Holy bats!! I was so freaking excited to see this. I know Essence is at Ulta BUT the nearest one to me is two hours north. Not terribly convenient to get to. Also, I'm a cheapskate and did not want to pay shipping. This however, is less than a mile from my house and all I have to do to get it home is ride my bike. WIN!

Of course I purchased something. 99 cents is one of my favorite price points for nail polish. Plus, the Colour and Go numbers are pretty kick ass. I will be bringing you pics shortly!

So fellow nail polish addicts of the Pacific Northwest, rejoice! 
Here's hoping Freddy's will expand the offerings and start carrying some of those cool Trend Edition collections!

That does it for now. I'm about to demolish some ice cream before doing nails. (It's been one of them days, yo.) cream...


  1. I'm so jealous that I don't live near any place that sells essence!

  2. I went to Freddy's yesterday and it was so hard for me not to buy all of the Colour & Gos! Mine also has LA Girls!

  3. Andrea - It's just yet another reason for you to come visit me here in Oregon!

    Madeline - Thanks for coming by! Good to hear from another PNW girl. My Freddy's has LA Girl too and I'm grateful. They also have some random French Mani kits and glow-in-the-dark top coats from Diamond Cosmetics. My opinion still stands that their cosmetic dept. is all kinds of whack though.

  4. Can't wait to see what you got!! (:

  5. So what Essence polishes did you get? I know that they just added a duochrome and a holo to their Colour and Go polishes.

  6. Gah! I know, I know! I went in for a few other items and took my eight year old boy begrudingly into the cosmetics aisle, not expecting anything and POW! Now I'm in Portland, so they have had an Essence display at the mother of all Freddy's for sometime in Hollywood...still a bit too far away. This however is a short 9 blocks away from my greedy little hands. 6 polishes in the bag. :)

  7. Ohhhhh nice! My nearest ULTA is now a hike across the city, on the other end that I never get to. So I hadn't made it in forever to find out if they'd gotten anything new! To think I used to have two of the damned stores in short distance.

  8. I'm so excited to see that Freddie's is carrying this brand. Now, I'm not sure if it will drift as far as Idaho but you've given me hope!


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