This coffee sucks

Good morning guys.

I got all my morning routine done early and now I can post. YAY! I am disappointed in the coffee my sister made this morning though. It tastes like it was brewed through a dirty sock. Cheap coffee just ain't worth it, y'all. Now that I have that off my chest, let's move on.

Today I have another Mexican nail polish that I bought at Wal-mart Cancun.

Collection Teen
Unnamed Silver
FOUR coats, no base or top

I about died when I walked to the health and beauty section that day. They had this ginormous pallet of super generic nail polish set up. It was some kind of special because these were all priced at 10 pesos. Which came to about  85 cents U.S. There were terrible colors available but I managed to find this silver. I picked up a shimmery purple too but that disappeared somewhere between Cancun and Denver. No bueno!

At first, I was kind of meh. It's silver and I have several BUT then I noticed it has a green cast to it that makes it a lot more special. However, the one coat claim on the bottle is a major lie. Unless you want a sheer, streaky wash of silver. If you want opacity, you must apply at least three coats. Since my nails have been jacked since the trip, I had to go with four. The good news is that this dries amazingly fast so it's not that difficult to apply that many coats. 
It's not the smoothest formula but then again, I didn't expect perfection from a cheap, generic Mexican nail polish.  

Overall, it's a neat little addition to my collection and one that I will only use in the summer. Why? Because as with almost all of my polishes from Mexico, it smells HORRIBLE. At least in summer, I can do my nails in the sun room which has lots of air flowing in and out. Yikes.

So there ya have it for today. I'm off to work and hope it goes by quickly because it's my Friday. See you soon!

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  1. I love coffee, and I agree that cheap coffee is a bigger waste of money than a pricier, better quality coffee. Cheap coffee sucks big time.

    I tend to avoid polish brands that have a reputation for smelling very badly. I am very sensitive to strong smells and I get migraines. I remember my Walmart Hard Candy polishes had this weird plastic-y smell that just about made me gag.


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