1983 is calling

Good morning!

Holy bats, I have so much to do here. I've been on a spree to take pics, edit and schedule posts because I really want to have more to show here. I've been so damn slack. I just don't know why you guys invite me.

Today I have a bit of swatch/layer/nail art. I decided to see if I could make it through my last three days before vacation without completely changing my manicure. This is not an easy task.
However, I prevailed and as a reward I get to go polish shopping tonight.

So let me show you what happened:

On Monday, I chose to wear Orly Snowcone

Orly is my favorite brand. BUT. This was so hard to work with. It's thick and chalky. It s richly pigmented so I got away with two coats. Gratefully, Out The Door smoothed things out and I was a happy Lamb. It's a keeper, no doubt because the rewards were well worth the effort.
This wore exceptionally well for me which was a huge surprise. When you're constantly reaching into wheeled tubs for plates, tools, sporting goods, laundry baskets, picture frames, etcetera, etc. it effs up your nails pretty good. Not this time! And this is one reason why I'm such an Orly fangirl.

On Tuesday, I repaired the tiny bit of tip wear and decided to layer:

This you have to click.
It is one coat of Claire's Mermaid over Snowcone.
Terribly subtle, so I had to add two more coats.

Mermaid is a sheer, soft blue duochrome that throws a pink and green flash. I did a swatch in this post here so you can see what it looks like on its own.
The pink really shone over this but  the base color is too close to Snowcone and it takes too many coats for a good effect. Still pretty though.

Yesterday I wanted nail art. Snowcone is a great base for it. I really want to try the splatter nails look that the PolishAholic did a tutorial for. I did not have the time and necessary tools so I busted out the Konad.

Konad Plate m21
ChG Grape Pop and Four Leaf Clover
Orly Lemonade
Color Club Warhol
All finally covered with another coat of Mermaid.
Four Leaf Clover didn't show as well as I would have liked. 

Overall, I was super happy with this. It is snazzy. I think it's a bit of 80s nostalgia I have going on. 
I was reminded of the time me and my girlfriend decided to paint splatter our sunglasses. We set up in her garage and I remember being so stoked that her parents were going to let us use paint because mine sure the hell wouldn't! Of course, we were in the third grade at the time and her mom hovered around with this terrified expression. End of story, we both walked away with paint splattered sunglasses that we could hardly see out of. But we were on trend for super cheap so...WIN. They paired very nicely with our rubber bracelets and jelly sandals that summer.

That does it for now. I have loads more blog work to do, a house to clean and a shopping list to make.
Have an amazing day!!


  1. Belive me or not but I don't have any Orly nail polishes! This light blue looks great!

  2. Nailderella - You must get some Orly. I adore how fast it dries and they have some beautiful colors and finishes!

  3. omg - those paint splatters are super cute! And the colors match very well together.

  4. That's such a cool mani...I really want Snowcone, but am too lazy/cheap/poor to buy it. *hangs head*

  5. Definitely a bit 80s! But I love the base color as I have a thing for light blues. A very cute manicure :)

  6. awesome paint splatters! i wanted to let you know that i gave you the stylish blogger award!

  7. very nice nails ;o
    I invite you to myself: http://pusheeninspiration.blogspot.com/


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