And now we take a Kitteh break.

Good day!

Here is your dose of kitteh cuteness.

Gus loves his bags.

Gus, my little stalker kitteh. He was hanging out with me in the sunroom on a rare warm and sunny day while I was swatching. However, he's not my usual company when doing my nails...

Dita is my constant companion when it's time to make those nails pretty.

Lest you think Gus is the only one who enjoys hiding out in boxes and bags, Dita finds them pleasing as well.

 Hmm... what's this?

Please to not recycle the kitteh!

At the end of a long day practicing tiger skills, stalking mom and being the most beautiful cat in the world; it's time to take a nice nap.

I love how Trixie and Dita cuddle together.

Thanks for indulging the crazy cat lady and I hope you enjoyed the kitteh break!


  1. Cuteness overload! ♥ :) Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  2. Thanks, Jeanette! I love my fur babies. I'm just this shy of being a crazy cat lady, though. ;)


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