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Good morning guys!

It's my FRIDAY!!! Holy bats, I'm so ready. I just don't even know to do with the free time I'm going to have.
Oh, right. I'm going to clean house and do laundry. Yay. Maybe I can talk Matt into having sushi Thursday....

Today I have a snotch more of layering because I found some cool combos and well, it's what I do a lot.
Let's take a look:

 From left to right:
Index: Two coats Essie Lollipop with two coats Pure Ice Rosebud
Middle: Two coats Essie Lollipop, one coat Sally Hansen Wavelength and one coat Rosebud
Ring: Once coat Sally Hansen Black Patent Leather with two coats Rosebud
Pinkie: Two coats ChG Recycle with two coats Rosebud
All are without top coat

Same as above with top coat

I swear, Rosebud is my newest favorite layering polish. I absolutely adore it over Lolipop and Recycle. What I did with my middle finger was exactly the pedicure I was sporting. (Yay, no feet pics!) It had a pretty, shimmery and squishy look that was fabulous with my gold leather sandals. Just sayin'.

Rosebud was really nice over the black but a bit streaky. I think this could work if I took the time to carefully apply. This was a quick and dirty. BUT do you love this over Recycle? I think it is amazeballs. Who knew this could work together? 
I feel so proud of myself. ;)

Sadly, this a quick one. I have to get ready for work and make some lunch.
Have a great day!!!

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  1. OMG Rosebud does look amazing over Recycle. I love Pure Ice polishes for layering they are great!

    --Wish I could see the bottle of Rosebud ^_^


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