Getting caught up

Good morning guys!
It's been a couple of long, rough weeks at work and I'm fried.
Frankly, I'm worried about what will be next because my boss will be going on maternity leave soon. Gonna mean a lot more hard work. As it is, I feel like a zombie on my days off because I'm so tired.

That said, this is a quick round up of what I've been meaning to show you.

 Pure Ice- Coral Reef
Three coats, no base or top
A surprise that I like because it's so sweet and a wee bit frosty.

 Pure Ice - Rosebud
Three coats, no base or top
Another surprise. It's a snazzy, shimmery jelly that will be best to layer with.

Both of the above were a birthday gift from my parents. As a matter of fact, my dad was the one who picked them out. I think he did quite well! 

Next are my last two hauls from Mexico:

 Maybelline Colorama in Blackberry 
Three streaky coats, no base or top
This wasn't as good as my other Colorama but I'm chalking it up to 
my application skills going downhill lately.

Idyl Unnamed Lilac Frost
Three coats no base or top
It's so 80s but I'm digging it.

I was disappointed that the Colorama came on so streaky but then again, I really have not been applying well.
I'm fucking tired, y'all. And it shows.  The Idyl is just cute. And smelly. No surprise, really.

I don't have much more to say, sadly. So I think it's time to move on to roundup number two! Stay tuned.


  1. Great colors, you dad know how to pick nice colors ! Get some rest!! (:

  2. Thanks, sweetie. I'm gonna try to sneak in a nap with the kittehs after I clean my house. I'll be sure to let dad know he did a good job. ;)


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