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Good morning!

I actually slept in for once, guys. Normally, sleeping in for me is waking at 7 a.m. Today I woke at almost 9. Might have something to do with staying up late and making study notes for my sister. (Which is a whole other sad, sordid story...) BTW, reading motivational/managerial books is not much fun. Especially when you find them useful. Oy.

Anyway, I wanted to show some nail art that I have done recently.

Last week, I showed some layering over ChG Heli-Yum and mentioned I was going to be rocking that shade when I got back to work. This is what I did:

Base is three coats Heli-Yum
Purple stripes are two thin coats of Nina Ultra Pro Grin and Bear-y It
topped with Orly Bubbly Bombshell
White stripes are WnW Mad Styles
Used blue painter's tape to mark off the stripe.

So my clean up was pretty piss poor BUT it just so happened that Matt and I were getting snappy with one another at that point. So I gave up and took some pics.(Then I pouted and silently resented my hubs for being a prick. Y'know like you do on any "Friday" night.)
Point is, I didn't like how Bubbly Bombshell was going over Grin and Bear-y It so on my right hand I left out the Nina and only applied the Orly. 
I am really liking Mad Styles tho. It's a nicely pigmented white creme that applies nicer than most.

On Saturday, I decided to roll with some nice minty green. I used Claire's Dreamcatcher over Revlon Powder Puff but was dismayed by all the streakiness and bald patches. So I did this the next day:

Three coats Dreamcatcher over Powder Puff
One coat Sinful Mint Apple
One Coat Nina Ultra Pro Mermaid
Sponged with WnW Mad Styles

The original combo did not wear well and looked horrid so I layered. Also, didn't feel like giving myself a whole brand new look. I get lazy. So I didn't quite get my tip wear covered. Mint Apple gave me the opacity I was looking for. Mermaid gave some pretty shimmer and my sponging looked like little clouds. So...yeah.
Frankly, I  have done and can do better. 

That does it for now. I have to take some more pics of some layering that I hope you will enjoy.
Have a great day!


  1. Love the stripes--such a fun color combo!

  2. Thank you Karen!
    I was needing something bright, shiny and cheery.


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