Neon Jelly Jam

Good day!

Today I have some swatches from a 7 piece polish set I picked up at Forever 21. I feel really dumb because I forgot to take a pic of the box and it is not on the website. Good job, Lamby.
Oy. Lately, I am so frazzled and scattered. I do not like it.

So let's forget that happened and move on.

 Love & Beauty No Name Purple

Three coats, no base or top

I think this is what people hoped Milani Rad Purple was going to be. As usual, purples are ridiculous to photograph and this was the closest I could get to accurate. It's a snotch darker but really vibrant.
This is a very fluid formula that applies nicely, dries fast and dries satin. Once you hit it with top coat, you get the perfect squishy. This is my total fave of the set but purple is my favorite color.

 Love & Beauty No Name Pink Jelly

Three coats, no base or top

This is super sheer, yo.  Again, this is really fluid. You really have to be careful with your application because it is very easy to get big ass blobs. This dries very quickly and is super shiny.

 No Name Green

Three coats, no base or top

This applies a little more opaque and dries slightly satin. Those are not bubbles on my nail. I got some divots thanks to the peelies. Yay.  This will never top the best green jelly ever, (New York Summer Amaranth, FTW.) but it is a very welcome addition to the family. This has a slightly thicker consistency and is a little easier to apply than the others.

 No name neon blue jelly

Three coats, no base or top

Now you can really see my sad, dinged up nails. Le sigh. 
This was as fluid as some of the others and also dried to a satiny finish.

 No name orange shimmer

Three coats, no base or top

This has lovely golden shimmer. It is almost as sheer as the pink but it is a fab, juicy orange. I will most likely use it for layering but I liked it a lot on its own. This is also where we go into the oddities of this set.

 Gold? Really?

Three coats, no base or top

It's a gold, sheer shimmer. Very pretty, not terribly exciting though. It seems such an afterthought in this set. You could totally layer over the others with it, I guess. There's no way it's gonna build up into something wearable on its own though.
Check it:

Macro shot of three coats

This is strictly for layering. The end.

Finally, we have the biggest head scratcher:

 No name gunmetal grey

Three coats no base or top

I love this. It's very me. However, I do not understand its place in this set. It's like they were worried they weren't including enough colors in the set. I get wanting to have a nice range or perhaps an even number. I just don't understand why it had to be a gunmetal grey. But that's just me. What the hell do I know?
Anyway, this is a bit tricky to apply. It is really fluid and if your previous coat is not completely dry, it will leave a bald patch. At least it dries fast.

Overall, I am loving all of these polishes. All dried very quickly and all but the green have a very fluid formula that the brush handle loves to hold on to. Hence, the blobs I cautioned against. 

That will do it for today. I'm off to the store to buy goodies for homemade pizza tonight!


  1. Neon and jelly what could be better!

  2. Those brights look great! I was just at F21 & didn't see any sets--though I could have missed them easily since the store is so huge and I only covered part of it.

  3. They look great!! I love them! Nice picture of the purple polish!!

  4. I like this set!!
    That last one reminds me of A-England King Arthur. n_n

  5. Thank you very much guys.

    Karen - I happened to stumble upon this set in some bins by the check out. Since it's not on the website, I'm thinking it's been discontinued.

    Nailderella - That is such a cute name, BTW. The purple was so hard to photograph. I really had to play with the light to get it close to accurate.

    ChaosButterfly - I did not even think of that! That would be fun to to compare the two. But I don't have King Arthur. Hmm...


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