A new kind of jelly sandwich

Good morning guys!

Today I have a little something I've been playing with. You've prolly seen the "jelly sandwich" look popping up all over lately. And damn, jelly over glitter is tatsy. So is jelly over crackle as evidenced by The Swatchaholic.
So what is it I'm doing? Just layering jelly over jelly.

 Revlon Just Tinted Mystical and Pure Ice Rosebud

Four coats no base or top

I alternated coats of  Mystical and Rosebud to achieve this. It had this perfect candy appearance and I was digging the satin finish my final coat of Mystical gave. Rosebud has this amazing shimmer and I feel it really was able to show through in this combination. This is a super quick mani to do because both dry so quickly. 

Now let's see what happens when you do add top coat.

Shiny squishy goodness.
(Clicky to make big.)

Check out the fire that Rosebud brings, yo. That's what I'm talking about.

Hope you enjoyed this layering experiment. I have another round coming up with Rosebud because it is so much more awesome than I would have imagined. Until then, my friends...


  1. cuute.! hehe i think i wanna try these jelly sandwich things.

  2. This is SO super pretty together! Love it.

  3. Thank you so much! Who knew I'd be crazy about a pink-y, jelly polish?

  4. This looks so great! I love it! ;D


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