Not like the kvetching

Good morning!

Today I have some layering/half-assed gradient. I'm not madly in love with this because I think it needs refinement. Also? I was really annoyed with small, random things. But we'll cover that later. On to the pictures!

Base is OPI Not Like the Movies, FIVE coats
Half assedly applied Orly Galaxy Girl and Out of This World
Topped again wit one coat of Not Like the Movies
This refused to photograph nicely.

I finally broke down and bought an OPI at retail. (GASP!!)  I think I was smoking crack. However, I do love this. I cannot resist a duochrome and I love the little bits of silver glitter. I'm gonna be a little crazy and say that I actually love WnW Gray's Anatomy a little more though. The formula is a little bit better and wears on me better than this. OPI's win is the brush though. That brush is awesome sauce.

I tried to wear this alone but it did not stand up to a full day at work. I started over when I got home and threw on five coats only because I got distracted by Matt and Pooky. So I lost count. Oh well. 
I just wasn't satisfied and I don't know why but I did what I did. It looked a lot better in real life. My pictures absolutely suck balls. 
I'm not in love and it was not up to my standards. I think it's all because I was so damned annoyed.

My day was just a collection of small annoyances that built up into a flood of unpleasantness and left me feeling prickly.
Like? Whistling. I hate whistling. I think it's the most heinous sound ever visited upon the ears. It's like having a pencil jabbed into my eye. Which, come to think of it, I would prefer. I had so many people in the store whistling and it was making me crazy!! And I could not say shit. I just kept ducking my head and gritting my teeth.
Then, comes along the foot draggers. HOW HARD IS IT TO PICK UP YOUR FEET WHEN YOU WALK??? That is the height of laziness to me. Cannot stand it.
It was all shit like that and it frazzled me so much that I couldn't even stand being around people. Good thing I had a stack of paperwork waiting for me in the office. It may have saved my sanity and possibly my marriage.
Because Matt is not a fan of my kvetching. Oy. Sucks to be you guys! 

So there ya have it. I appreciate you listening to my cranky ramblings.
Tell me, what are your pet peeves? Does it ruin your day too?


  1. Great mani! Also, thanks for following my blog :)

    I have many pet peeves.....just a few for now. 1) People that ask "Will You do Me a Favor"....always seems to translate to "will you do my job for me"? GRRR Also, when people tell me to Shhhh, I kinda want to punch them in the face

  2. I didn't know you were from Oregon? Awesome!! Me too!!!


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