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Good day!

Guess who volunteered to work on one of her days off? Today is my only day to relax and be slothful.  :/ I'll be back in the madhouse tomorrow.
I really do love my job and I really love overtime. Paying Rallo's vet bill put us back a bit and this is gonna help. Anyway...I would've had this up sooner but really, I was lazy and TIRED. I did swatch and edit so I think I get a pass. ;)

Today I wanted to show you my absolute favorite layering polishes. They can be worn on their own and I have but I like them best layered. I speak of the Sally Hansen HDs that were released last year. They are multi-dimensional glittery beauties and I've been slowly collecting them all.

So let's get started!

First I have Laser, which is my newest acquisition.

layered L-R:
ChG Spontaneous
ChG Grape Pop
Orly Blue Suede
Sally Hansen Black Patent Leather

Laser is a dark blue jelly loaded with microglitter that flashes blue and purple. I am in mad love. I even took macros.

Laser over BPL

Laser over Blue Suede

Laser over Grape Pop
(My personal fave combination.)

Next we have Spectrum. It's a teal-ish jelly with the same color shifting microglitter. I layered it over the same colors that I did with laser just to see how it reacts with both purples and blues.


This was most impressive over Blue Suede and it is pretty sweet over black. With purple, (especially how badly I applied them!) it's alright. I dunno.

My all time fave of these is DVD. It's a lighter purple jelly with loads of the same microglitter.

I had to buy a back up of it because I was using it to layer and sponge. It is teh awesome.

 Look at that! (P.S. You should prolly click it to make bigger.)

 Same colors as the other two. No complaints at all.

Slightly blurred for bling-y goodness.

DVD is by far the standout for me. I'm going to have to buy more bottles of it because I'm worried it's going to be discontinued. 

Finally, I have Wavelength. It's a coral-y pink that normally I would not go for. It has less of the microglitter and is kind of duochrome. I've enjoyed it and used it to sponge with. I changed this up because I wanted to show you another layering polish that I wouldn't normally go for. (And prolly won't wear by itself. I'm so not a pink girl.)

Wavelength on index and ring
ChG Strawberry Fields on middle and pinkie
all layered over ChG Heli-Yum
Please do clicky.

Wavelength over Heli-Yum gives what I call telenovela pink. It's sassy and a bit trashy. Me like.
I adore Strawberry Fields over Heli-Yum. It's perfect.
I knew Wavelength wouldn't necessarily apply well or show well over black but I wanted to see what would happen. I was surprised that Strawberry Fields wasn't too bad over black. Either way, I got ideas for frankens. So...yay!

Please to enjoy some of my macro shots:

 Strawberry Fields over Heli-Yum

 Wavelength over Heli-Yum
Slight microglitter but, hey, it throws some nice flash.

The biggest surprise of them all. 
Strawberry Fields over Black Patent Leather
I really like this and I really want to make a baby of these two!

So that's my layering experiment for today. I'm gonna be rocking Heli-Yum tomorrow. It's my favorite of my strictly edited pinks. It's cheerful and I'm gonna need to be when I get to work. Oy.

Have a great weekend guys!


  1. WOW. For some reason I always pass those HD polish without interest but know I'm second guessing myself!

  2. I love all of them over Black Patent Leather.. the photos look gorgeous, I can only imagine how much prettier they are in reality. <3


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