Stylish Blogger Award

I was tagged for this by the adorable and super sweet, Monique of Forever '92.

I'm to share 7 facts about myself and pass this along to seven other bloggers.
I'm not going to tag anyone because I'd like for anyone to participate if they so desire. Frankly, there's so many cool and interesting people out there, that it would be so hard to narrow it down to just seven!

So here we go:

1. I HATE, HATE cold weather and feeling cold. My childhood in Nebraska made me despise snow and cold. I live for summer.
2. Matt and I have decided that we will move to Mexico when it's time to retire. Specifically, the Yucatan Penisula. I has to be warm.
3. I adore my job. It's challenging and stressful but it's makes me so happy.
4. I should have found a job in the music industry since music is my life and I CAN'T play any instrument.
5. My favorite metal band is Moonspell. My favorite punk band is Social Distortion. My favorite pop singer is Lady Gaga. And I adore Air Supply. I'm a delightful ball of eccentricity. 
6. My all time favorite shade of nail polish is OPI Midnight In Moscow. 
7. I adore my husband. He is so amazing and gorgeous. I'm still crazy, madly in love with him 12 years later. I wish all my friends had a lover like him. He is that spectacular.

Thanks for stopping by and finding out a few things about me.
Hope everyone has a glorious day!

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