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Good day!

So here are the other things I've been sitting on and really meaning to post. If only my job didn't get in the way!

Nail Art I did with ChG Strawberry Fields,
L.A. Colors Megawatt and Orly Old School Orange.
I think there may be another but I forgot and I forgot
to take notes. Fail.

ChG Senorita Bonita, three coats
layered with Orly Bubbly Bombshell

I cannot get Bubbly Bombshell nor Here Comes Trouble opaque on my nail alone. I have to layer. Also? Lately I suck at doing my nails. Discuss.

 I lied in the last post.
THIS is my final Mexico polish.
Idyl Unnamed neon green, three coats no base or top
Little jelly-ish, dries fast and SMELLY.

Orly Pure Porcelain
Three coats, no base or top
Hard one to work with but worth the effort.
Such a great base for nail art!

This doesn't quite get me caught up but it's all good. I shall have a final post with the last bit of it. Until then, have a great weekend and keep fingers crossed that I can have at least one sunny, rain free day in Oregon. (Um, yeah. It rains even when sunny here. Cool...)
Until then, my loves!


  1. I have been having a terrible time w/my nails also-like getting a great base then the stamping looks like BIG crap-2nd try another great base color but then HUGE ding-3rd try an ok base coat because by now my neighbors are starting to complain about mt language-forget stamping don't want to push my luck-right now my nails and cuticles have never looked so good-Dad and Roly?? Kimmer K

  2. I love the subtle ombre effect of the first photo.

  3. I've been having the same problem. It's like I all of a sudden forgot how to polish them! I love the first one, especially.

  4. Thatnks guys.

    Deb - I was pretty pleased with that one too. Sponging is good for the soul, I think.

    Nikki- I'm glad I'm not alone then. I don't know wth is wrong with me lately!

    Kimmer - Thanks for coming by! Have a post coming with updates of Rallo. Just wanted to be able to go over and take his picture first! Thank you for being so sweet and asking. It's always a pleasure to have you here!


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