We like butter

Good morning!

Today I have for you my first ever Butter London polish. My best friend, Pixie, got this for me for my birthday.

 Butter London Bumster

Three coats no base or top

This is definitely one of those ugly/awesome colors. I mean, it's mustard. That is not normally a pleasant color.
Yet, I really like it. I'm not certain why.
The formula on this is okay. I had my best results on my pinkie since it's so tiny. However I found this to be streaky-ish going on and a tad thick. This will level out with top coat.  I've worn this a few times already and mainly received quizzical looks. I refer again to ugly/awesome concept. 
This also shows just how well Pixie knows me. She knows I'm drawn to odd colors.

I'm not crazy in love with this but I am glad to have it in my stash. I'd very much like to get some more colors but dang, that $14 price tag gets me. I'm sure I'll find myself indulging at some point. Especially if I find those jellies...

That'll do for now. I'm about to meet up with Matt and do something...

Have a great day!

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  1. I love butter!Almost as much as Paula Deen but not quite. This colour is so beautiful on you :)


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