You're moody, bish.

Good morning!

I loaded my sister's ipod the other day and I was just appalled with the list of songs she wanted on it. Nickelback, really? No. A million times no. It's bad enough my husband likes them.
What really made my blood boil was her request for Buckcherry - "Crazy Bitch." I hate that song with an outrageously fiery passion. Why is that song so popular with women? It is so insulting.
And this is coming from a woman that listens to extreme metal. Oy. I could go on and on, cite my women's studies classes and make the distinction between shock value and just plain tastelessness. But I won't. I would bore you.
However, the good news is that I had pretty much none of the music she requested. So I loaded Avantasia, Liv Kristine, Portugese Fado music and other good stuffs on there instead. To sum up, I win. I will improve my sister's taste in music.

This now takes us to the polish.  ;)

I went on a little trip to Claire's and ended up picking up another mood polish and their black crackle.
Check it:

 Three coats happy/earthy
no base or top
Earthy is the warm look.

Happy/earthy after running my fingers under cold water.
Not the best pic because I was pretty warm so it was
difficult to keep the polish green.

I liked this green/yellow combo quite a bit. I'm a sucker for neons and I love that this yellow is a highlighter kind of bright. I do believe this is going to be super fun for Duck Day manicures!
Anyway. This applied really nicely and dried super quick. I was surprised it dried matte because my other two mood polishes do not. However, once I saw this went neon I got it. And I like it.

Then I decided to use black crackle over this and this is what happened.

 Three coats happy/earthy topped with black crackle.
Randomly applied on index and middle to see how it would crack.

Same as above in natural indoor light.

Neon yellow and black are such a classic 80's combo. LOVE. This is how I shall segue back to music, for reals.
So, this made me think of the Misfits and their Crimson Ghost mascot. I used to have a Misfits t-shirt that had the same color combo. And once that thought came to me, I made the family listen to the Misfits. Good thing Matt likes them!

So there ya have it. What bands/songs make you irrationally angry? I have a long list, myself. You prolly should never ask about it.
Thanks for stopping by and have a terrific day!


  1. LOL If I asked my sister to load up my ipod with music she will just put nothing but The Beatles ^_^

    I love the neon-ness of that mood changing polish, and the crackle looks cool over it!

  2. Nickleback. *eye twitch* I know exactly what you mean about having a "Do not mentioned these groups around me or I swear it will not be pretty" list. ;) And me and my sister don't agree over music tastes either...

    I love the yellow and the black together - it's so sunny and 80s, and yet at the same time kinda dirty in a good way. Which is rather like the 80s, come to think of it.

  3. Monique - I think I'm way nicer to my sister. I did not load any Viking metal or anything else I like. I just think she needs to expand her horizons though. ;)

    L.- You really do not want to know any of my list. I get fierce about it and not in the the delightful shenanigans way. My husband has learned the hard way. ;)My sister still loves a lot of her 80s bands and I'm down with loading that. (Scorpions, YAY!) I just have an ideological argument against some of the others.
    I'm amazed she still invites me. ;)


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