Getting good at the Goodwill (SUPER PIC HEAVY)

Happy Saturday!

It's been awhile, no? Once again, there have been major changes at work...And I ended up working 10 days straight. It was crazy and I was pretty damn tired.
My boss is preparing to go on maternity leave (Yay! Cute baby!) and one result of that is my schedule has changed again. So now I get Saturdays off. I haven't had a Saturday off in...forever. I'm pretty thrilled with this and more so to bring you something super epic.

I'm not shy about saying that I work for Goodwill. I love my job and I love being able to help the community.
Now, every Goodwill in the nation is basically a franchise. We all are under the umbrella of Goodwill International but we all operate autonomously. So we all do things a little differently.
My organization will make grab bags, gift baskets, candles and re-package games and puzzles for sale. We have begun taking cosmetics and packaging them together in bags. One of those cosmetic bags is of course, NAIL POLISH!!!
These, my friends are precious little treasures:

Is that a Street Wear in there???
Please note the price.

They're packaged in sets of four and I have been having the best time going through them. Allow me to note that I am under a shopping policy at work. I have to wait two weeks before I can purchase items. I was hoping, hoping that these bags would still be there and ready for me to purchase when time was up!
I think you'll agree that I got some VERY special things.

But let's go over the things I did not like first.

Index through pinkie are Maybelline Wet Slicks 
without tags. I do not like the pinks.
The white may be held for frankens.
The red is pretty but I have a million of them.

That's the thing with grab bags. Sometimes you get crap. 
Now on to the good:

Sally Hansen Antique Bronze
three coats no base or top in sun 
Same as above, indoor natural light

This is a keeper just for how it looks in the sun. It is so sparkly! Formula is nice and dries quick.

 Avon Nailwear Dynamo
three coats, no base or top in sun
Same as above, indoor natural light

This is a super sparkly berry full of silver glitter. The brush was meh, formula good and dry time acceptable.

Revlon Sweet Nothings Nude Nightie
Two coats, no base or top in sun

This is ONLY for layering but it sure is snazzy.

 Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Gold in Daybreak
three coats no base or top

I adore this. It's a lovely red jelly with gold glitter. (That was very hard to capture. Much more apparent IRL.)
This applied beautifully and dried quickly.

Now, I have the best for you. But indulge me when I break down the cost for you. I received an employee discount and paid 45 cents for each polish. Without discount, this would have been 50 cents per polish.
Why do I mention it? Because of  THIS:

 Rescue Beauty Lounge Yellow Fever
Three coats, no base or top

That's right, y'all. I found an RBL in a grab bag. And I paid 45 cents for it. That said, I'm sad to report it's a streaky little bish. I love the color and love it's shimmer. I'll be using it for Duck Day manis because the color is so perfect but I will not be wearing it on its own.

Next is a lemming that I thought would NEVER be fulfilled. I regretted not buying this way back when and I am so glad to have it.

 Maybelline Express Finish Jungle Green
three coats, no base or top

This is very similar to the magical HTF trio of Vanishing Venus, Bruise and Embroidered Emerald but not as strongly duochrome. But is is so pretty. It applies a bit streaky but I think that's because it is old. Don't mind the bald patches. I was lazy and did not buff my nails so...yeah...I had some divots. My nails are still being weird too but that's because this summer's weather sucks balls. 

Finally, I have something that just made me happy:

 Revlon Street Wear Midnight
three coats, no base or top

I loved the Street Wear line so much. I had Tar, Gun Metal and Blood. And I got rid of them. Stupid, foolish, Lamb! Then again, I did not take very good care of them and they were beyond repair. (How I long to own Blood again...le sigh...) Midnight is a stunner. It really has a lit from within glow. This pic also shows how bad my nails are behaving. I don't get it. The formula on this was fab and dried really nicely. It brought me nice memories of buying Blood when I was first dating Matt. He wanted to see a super dark red on my toes and that one was perfect. Now...he still loves red toes but he's not as stoked to help me shop for polish. Oh well...

I hope you enjoyed this little trip. I'm not sure how the Goodwill in your local area does things but if they do re-packaging like us, then keep an eye out! I've also seen nail polish lots for sale on every now and again. (BTW, if you do shop on there, you can choose to narrow your results to a certain location. I suggest you check out what Goodwill of Lane and South Coast Counties in Eugene, OR has for sale!)
Also, remember that when you shop at Goodwill you are helping your community. Your donations and purchases help find jobs for people with barriers to employment.

Thanks for coming by, hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Wow, you did AWESOME with the grab bags! Unbelievable. And that Street Wear! *swoon*
    I have had the worst peelies this summer. I've tried almost every base coat known to man with no luck.

  2. Outside of the typical reds, pinks, and whites, you scored some nice finds.

  3. AWESOME!! I was just wondering if GW even sold polish!!


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