Are You DUCK Enough?

Good day!

It's official, Duck Football season has begun! Today we will be taking on LSU and I am super excited.
I'm also super jealous because my best friend, Pixie, is in Dallas for the game.
Oh well.

Today's mani is inspired by the new "Pro Combat" uniform that was unveiled recently and will be worn in today's game.

 These gloves are awesome sauce.

Anthracite with neon green accents

The neon green appeared more blue based green in the photos published in the newspaper. Here, it's clearly a super yellow based green. I went through all of my neon greens in my stash and the only one that would work was Color Club Twiggie. All the others I had were either too blue or much too yellow. No happy medium there.
Anyway...I give you the first Duck Day manicure of the 2011-12 season and let us welcome back my rubber duckie:

Ring finger is Color Club Twiggie
All other fingers are Orly Iron Butterfly
"O" temporary tattoos from The Duck Store

This is a really minimal look for me but I wanted it to echo the minimalist design of the uniforms. Iron Butterfly is far and away the only choice to match up with the anthracite color. Black creme would be too black and a gunmetal grey would be too light. Twiggie isn't really the best choice for this but as I mentioned before, it was the only one in my stash to do the trick. 
Overall, I'm pleased and so proud of myself for showing some restraint.

I'm off to get things ready for tonight and catch some of the Nebraska game. Have a great day and...


  1. How cute! I love it! I love that green. :)

  2. Haha, this is awesome sweets. Hey, that new uniform is pretty cool!


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