DUCKing Hostile

Good day!

I have for you my most recent Duck Day mani for September 24. In case you didn't know, Oregon won over the Arizona Wildcats 56-31. We had my sister and my nephew, T.J. over to watch the game with us. I mention T.J. only because he was on fire that night. He was cracking me up! We had a good time together and there was some funny business with the nails. Before I get into that, allow me to show you my mani!

Base is Ulta The Jungle Look, three coats
Stamps are Konad Special Polish Yellow and WNW Mad Styles
Used Fauxnad plate D01 and K06

I have been needing a good green creme and The Jungle Look fits the bill. It's actually a bit jelly-ish but it was fab! It applied lovely and dried really quickly. I got it on sale for two dollars so that makes me even happier!

Now, a little bit more about T.J.
I was doing my nails right before the game and he was fascinated with my Konad/Fauxnad stuff. He couldn't help himself and he wanted some stamps too.
He decided to have me paint his nails and then he chose stamps and colors.
This is isn't the first time I've "done" his nails. We did them two years ago before another Duck game and that was super fun. 

Here's what happened:

 We chose black for this hand because it was "manly" and rock & roll.
Bonus is my thumb that I used a different stamp for and forgot to take pics of. Oops!
T.J. chose this red and we mattified it to make it "manly."
This stamp is a four leaf clover that didn't come out so well.

Mind the messiness. It's hard to paint little, stubby, rough boy nails. Especially when that boy is cracking jokes and making you laugh. Once we were done, T.J was on a roll. He kept calling Matt, "Rhonda" and offering to do his nails. You really did have to be there.

T.J. is just the funniest kid. One minute he's all about video games, military history and skateboarding and the next moment he's sweet, funny and seems born to be a stand-up comic. I adore him.
BTW, if there's anyone who wants to talk some smack about me painting my 11 year old nephew's nails: Step off. I will eat your face off. He was having fun and I see NOTHING FUCKING WRONG with it. 
And that is all, yo.

Ends on such a cheery note, huh? That does indeed, do it for now. Hope the day treated you well and I will see you soon!

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  1. And 'Rhonda' get his nails done?
    BTW, love how yours turned out.
    T.J.'s not so much,lol


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