Grim and Frostbitten Blashyrkh

Good day!

I got some inspiration for nail art on Tumblr not too long ago and I had to try it. (I cannot believe the idea did not occur to me before!!)
Anyway, I have a bit of backstory. I am a metal Lamb and I love me some black metal. One of my favorite black metal bands is Immortal. They are a great band but, I'll be honest...they look ridiculous. So ridiculous that they have become an internet favorite for memes. Allow me to show you:

I always knew Abbath had a sweet tooth.

There are so many more and they are all amazing. But it was this picture that inspired me:

This is what I decided to do in spite of my not so very good manual dexterity:

Ring finger is WNW Mad Styles with Art Club striper for Abbath's corpse paint
All others are L.A. Girl Matte White and Revlon Powder Puff
with Diamond Cosmetics Matte Smoke and Sally Hansen Black Patent Leather

I'm really pleased with how this turned out. I freehanded the corpse paint which is a huge for me. I have shaky hands and I can't draw. Abbath's corpse paint is probably the easiest to replicate but as I said, I don't have much dexterity. I didn't want to do all my nails because I felt it to be too much. Which is why all my other nails are grim and kvlt. I didn't add more the eyes only because the idea of the corpse paint is too look dead and eye whites kinda ruin the effect. And...I was afraid if I did, I would royally jack this up.
So, yeah.

I will definitely be doing this look again so I can get better. It's also really fun and really funny. 
That will do it for today. I have five million errands to run before Matt goes on another business trip.
I leave you with this classic song by Immortal:


  1. This is adorable...and slightly terrifying! I love it :)

  2. Awesome! Chuck and I are Immortal fans as well. I'll have to show him this later!

  3. LOL pic is to awesome! :)
    I love it!


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