Into the fire

Good day!

I'm back into another LOOONG work week and I have some catching up to do. What have I been up to?
Aside from practically living at work, I celebrated my fifth wedding anniversary on Friday and spent that day wandering around Portland. (I love Portland...I should live there...) I got lots of new pretties and enjoyed a gorgeous day with the man of my dreams. Not too shabby, eh?

Anyway, here is a first of some catch up posts. I did a sweet mani combo that surprised me with how pretty it was.

 Index, middle and pinkie are Orly Emberstone
Ring is CQ Rustic Dream
All are three coats over ridge filler.

This is intentionally blurry to capture some of the beautiful color shift
of Rustic Dream.
It was also taken at 5 a.m. by the light of my laptop. 

The above were taken in late afternoon sun after work.
Love the reddish-brown Rustic Dream was throwing.

If you have been reading my blog long enough, you know how much I love Orly. I have NO complaints with Emberstone. For me, it applied just as beautifully and was as gorgeous as any fabulous China Glaze glass fleck. Also? I look really good in jewel tones, so this works for me.
I've reviewed Rustic Dream before and I cannot rave enough over it. If you love duochromes, you MUST own this. I love getting an amazing duochrome that applies great for under ten bucks!

That does it for today, y'all. I have more coming up soon! Hope everyone's Monday treated them well.


  1. I have got to go back and get Rustic Dream, I am in love with my other CQ duochrome, Idyllic! That is so pretty. I have been on a huge Orly kick lately! I could go broke between them and Color Club right now.

  2. I need to get Idyllic too! Loved your swatches of it!
    I agree that Orly and Color Club are about to break the bank. I need that foil collection!
    (And all of the Mineral FX and Fowl Play and, and, and!)


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