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Good morning!

As promised, I have some nail fail to show you along with a couple that turned out okay. My high stress level has taken its toll on my nails. They are rough! Not only that, I can't focus long enough to do a decent job painting them as well as cleaning up. Which you shall be seeing.
Let's go ahead and dive in.

Base is Paul and Joe Orchestral
Sponged with Orly Dazzle and Claire's no name sheer blue glitter

What you see above is a mani I attempted in honor of Fernando Ribeiro's birthday. (Who is Fernando? Just the singer of my favorite band, MOONSPELL. He is also beautiful. Yum!)
This is one of the few times I can truly say that this looked better in real life. This just did not want to photograph. 
Anyway, I tried to sponge a full moon on my index and crescent on my ring. They were okay.
Where I really screwed up was trying to free hand an "M" on my middle finger. No bueno.
As you can also see, this was a major bish to try and clean. Partly due to having briefly misplaced my best clean up brush. I was so disappointed. Bleh.

Base is three coats Milani Rad Purple
Topped with one coat L.A. Colors Jewel Tone
"Hearts" are WNW Mad Styles

I got some craft hole punches and I found that I could use them on blue painter's tape and make a stencil.
Where I messed this up was not having the tape sealed down enough and using too much polish. I did the same thing with my Moonspell mani in the first pic. I'm disappointed because I had great success with it for a pedi. As evidenced by this:

Yes, it's a toe nail. I am not sorry.

See? It can work. Better when I'm relaxed and truly feel I have the time to do it. Eh.

Perhaps, it's time to show some successes. Be warned that you will be seeing manis from the end of my day.
I have no good light when I am doing my nails at 4:30 in the morning so my photos suck.

Base is Sinful Seaweed
Dots are WNW French White Creme,
ChG For Audrey and Claire's no name sheer blue glitter
Nailene flower decals

This was super cute. I went overboard on the glitter on my ring finger but, oh well. It was still sparkly and cute. I was so happy to have something turn out much like I envisioned. Not happy I had to take a photo after work BUT my day started at 3:30. (No fun having to be at work at 5:00 a.m.)

Finally, I have a sweet layering combo that made me very happy.

 Do you like my terrible lighting in my kitchen?

Base is Maybelline Jungle Green (HTF)
Topped with L.A. Colors Jewel Tone

Yay! Pretty and sparkly! I am really enjoying Jewel Tone. It's lovely blue and pink glitter in a clear base. There's lots of glitter so you get great coverage and it dries quite fast. This was probably my best mani of the week. Not saying much, I know.

There ya have it. A new week is beginning and I hope for better. Thanks for coming by and I hope your week goes well!


  1. I love the poka doted one! the last one is pretty hot too. :)

  2. I LOVE the last two, and that first one, I think it probably is gorgeous, it looks really cool just in the photo!


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