One minute no collapse

Good morning!

I've noticed that I've been choosing lots of dark polishes that are matching my dark moods.
So I wanted to break out of that funk and have something whimsical and SPARKLY.

Alternating coats of Orly Here Comes Trouble
and L.A. Girl Crowd Surfing
Base of Gelous and Nail Tek II

I had to give Here Comes Trouble another shot mainly because I did a nice layering with Bubbly Bombshell.
This is still quite sheer, hence the VNL but I was okay with it. 
I achieved exactly what I wanted with lots of light and pretty color.

See how sparkly???

I wore this for a full day and then I added a couple of coats of Love & Beauty Rust. I completely forgot to take pictures. (Or I didn't bother since I had a long day at work, had to water the garden and cook my lunch before bed. Like you do.)

So...yesterday I decided to some sponging that looked HORRIBLE. I was still so sleepy when I did it so I didn't bother to photograph. What I did capture was my ring finger that I had made an accent.
I covered each ring finger with ChG Cracked Medallion and I loved what happened.

So sorry about the tip wear!

That thar is a snazzy combo! It turned out so well that I wished I done all of the rest of my nails like it.
If you are wondering why I didn't show you those little fails, well, it looked like Cookie Monster vomited on my nails. No, no bueno. 
Now, it's time to enjoy removing this glorious glitter shield and get my house cleaned before my dear husband comes home from Arizona. 

Thanks for looking and have a great day!


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