Progenies of the Great DUCKalypse

Good day and GO DUCKS!!!

I fell behind last week in bringing my other duck mani so there are two this week.

Allow me to present last week's mani:

Base is Color Club Almost Famous, three coats
Crackle is Cherimoya 2012 Crucify

I really love the Cherimoya crackle. I accomplished this with the aid of blue painter's tape and my craft hole punch. I punched the basic round shape in the tape and essentially made a stencil. Placed the strip of tape over the nail and then painted my crackle. Voila! 
Almost Famous was incredibly streaky on me this time and I prolly should have laid down a coat of white before. I did not and eh, what are you gonna do?

This week I did this:

Index and Ring are BB Couture Redwood Forest
Middle is WNW Black Creme with
RBL Yellow Fever and WNW Mad Styles polka dots
Pnkie is Revlon Powder Puff layered with Sinful Irish Green

I wasn't very pleased with my pinkie. I should have gone with Redwood Forest. Meh.
Also, the pinkie is FIVE coats of polish. Too much. No like. 

That will do for today. Matt and I are headed to the store to get fixings for White Trash Bean Dip before the game starts.
Have a great day and GO DUCKS!!!

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