You Must Work In Symmetry

Good day!

I wanted to show you some sweet layering I've done recently as well as some mani refreshing.
As you know, I've had some issues doing my nails has been so much more challenging.
Here are some wins:

This is Glam Rock layered with Color Club Snowflakes. It was a brilliant choice for layering especially when the sun was at its most blazing. (Like, two weeks ago. Sometimes Oregon REALLY sucks.)

Do  you love this glittery goodness??

This was such a glitter bomb and I was in mad love. So much so, that I was loath to remove it. So I did some MOAR layering instead.

Index and ring are Cherimoya 2012 Crucify
Middle and pinkie are ChG Crushed Candy

I chose these two crackles to coordinate with a top I was wearing that had green and blue-ish flowers on it.
I'm not gonna lie, I was looking pretty cute that day. (It was a special little date night with the hubs...)
I enjoyed how this came out and I love how the Cherimoya crackle was a bit translucent which gave a jelly sandwich kind of effect. 

I'm pretty bad about changing my pedicures. I have been known to wear the same color for two weeks, refresh and go for about three more weeks. Anyway...I stumbled upon a super sweet layering combo that I also had to try on another color I'm in love with. It's what I currently have on my toes but I m not going to show you that.

Index is Orly Royal Navy w/ L.A. Colors Jewel Tone and Love & Beauty Rust
Middle is Revlon Royal w/ the same combo as the first
Ring is Royal Navy w/ only L&B Rust
Pinkie is Revlon Royal w/ Rust and Kleancolor Chunky Holo Teal

All of this layering made me realize that L&B Rust and Revlon Royal could be a pretty close dupe to Barielle Falling Star. (Which I have not received...YET. Don't ask.) I will def have to try it out.
Eventually, I will have Falling Star. It's my number one lemming since I've come so close to owning it and still do not have it.

That does it for now. I'm ready to unwind for the evening. Hope everyone has had a great day!

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