Ain't no walk of shame

Good morning!

I'm bringing yet another Essence polish for you today. I adore these little Colour and Go polishes. 99 cents and you have a great choice of color and it dries super fast? yes, please!

Essence Colour & Go Walk of Fame
two coats, no base or top.

This is another polish I bought to go into my "work appropriate" arsenal. Granted, I can wear whatever polish I want but sometimes I feel it best to have something that looks a little more professional. (Like when the CEO tours my store.) 

This is quite similar to the other taupe/greige shades out there but what drew me in was a slight hint of purple.I also knew this look would lovely layered with a metallic shimmer or glitter. My swatches were a little rushed so I'm not happy with how the ring finger looks. This one is a snotch thicker formula than the others but nothing to be concerned about. I found slightly thicker coats can get you opacity in two coats but I always prefer three coats.

What do you think? Are over the greige?

That does it for me, y'all. I'm off to work and dreaming of the yummy dinner I will make tonight!


  1. I don't think I'll EVER get over greige polishes, haha! It's nuts. This one is so pretty!

  2. I second that Nicole! I really love this color. I wish my Ulta would keep their Essence racks full-they are always empty!

  3. I almost bout this today, but I didn't now I know I need to go back and get it. :) Love this. :)

  4. Err *bought lol sorry.


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