Daytime Moon

Good morning!

Today is my Monday and I'm back to work.
I had such a lovely weekend with Matt and I didn't want it to be over. Alas, he has to go out of town on business. Which is okay because that means I can do some things that I can't when Matt is home. (Yay for reading books!) This is also nice for Gus because he gets to sleep on Matt's side of the bed.

Since I'm feeling a little blue, I thought it appropriate to show you a swatch that fits:

Essence My Boyfriend's Jeans
Three coats, no base or top.

This came in the TE Denim Wanted last Fall. I skipped it the last time I went to Ulta only because I had limited funds. I figured that I would never have any of the polish from this collection. Imagine my surprise to walk into Ulta nearly a year later and spy this in the clearance bin for 99 cents. 

This is a perfect blue creme for me. Sadly, my nails are misbehaving yet again. Le sigh...
Moving on to the happier side of things, this applies very nicely and dries really quickly. Essence has quickly become a favorite for me. I have yet to buy a polish that I didn't love and the makeup is really fabulous. (Loving the lip glosses and the liquid liner!!) Of course, the price suits me to a tee. I'm so glad this brand has come to the U.S. 

That does it for me. I have to kiss Matt goodbye and hop on my bike for another week of work. Hope everyone has a lovely day!

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  1. Ooh, this is SUCH a pretty color! I love it. I'm sorry you have to be missing Matt though! :( *hugs*


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