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I'm back with something a little bit different. I have a "new" brand to show that I picked up at Macy's a couple of weeks ago. I was doing some dress shopping when I spied it. I speak of the Macy's exclusive line, Material Girl. If you hadn't heard, Madonna and her daughter launched a line of clothes at Macy's and have now expanded in to beauty and skincare. This includes nail polish and I knew I had to have it.

two coats over Gelous base coat

There is a very small selection of colors at the moment but this black called my name.
It's a basic black creme with subtle red and gold micro-glitter. It's REALLY hard to see. This was my best pic. I keep getting suckered by polishes like this, hoping for a glorious blackened glitter party on my nails. Not so much.

The good news is that the formula is sublime. This applied so smooth and two coats really did the trick. I was really surprised!
Let's move on to the bottle. It's a nice square bottle with removable cap. You know, kind of like Butter London bottles. Yeah. So I'd heard random chatter about the bottles being a rip-off design wise. Oy. I have both this and Butter and I will say that Butter has a bottle and cap that feels sturdier than Material Girl.
Otherwise, eh. Who cares???

Phantom, three coats over Gelous base

So this final pic is when I decided to add a third coat later in the day. The glitter is only slightly more apparent but not by much. You really had to be looking for it.  Nonetheless, I adore the formula on this and I always feel I can never have too many black polishes. 

I definitely want to go back and get some more colors. There was a gorgeous blue and outrageous pink metallic glitter that I must have in my life. What say you? Would you buy Material Girl?

Material Girl can be found exclusively at Macy's for $7.00.

Thanks for coming by and have a lovely day!

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