My house is haunted by wrong desire

Good day.

I have a touch of the inexplicable melancholy so no nail polish. Instead I have a playlist of depressing music. The most amusing part is that it's not all metal, either. I have range...

1. Carina Round - For Everything A Reason
I heard this song on "American Horror Story" and I found it to be well...haunting.

2. The Cure - Bloodflowers
I love this band so much. And, they've always been at their best when they are truly depressing.

3. Antony and The Johnsons - Hope There's Someone
The vocals are definitely different on this but, oh, does this song just break my heart.

4. Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith - Not In Love
This is a cover song, originally performed by a Canadian band I had never heard of. This has a full on 80's vibe, very stark and cold. I adore it.

5. Moonspell - Mute
My favorite band and probably one of my most favorite songs ever. Without Moonspell, I am mute.

6. Katatonia - Inheritance
I could add so many Katatonia songs but I will narrow down to this only one. This was my theme song last winter. I had many, many inconvenient burdens.
(May I also suggest, Passing Bird, The Future of Speech, In The White, No Good Can Come of This, New Night and Departer? To name just a few...)

7. Deep Purple - When A Blind Man Cries
Oh, how I love Purple. Mark II is one of my favorite line-ups if only for Ian Gillan. His voice gives me chills.

8. Gary Moore and Phil Lynott - Parisenne Walkways
This is a classic weeper, yo. These two men were such a brilliant team together.

9. Amalia Hoje - Grito
This is from a tribute supergroup to the legendary Amalia Rodrigues. One of the members and the singer of this particular song is Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell. I found the most enchanting translation of the lyrics here:
I hope any Portugese readers will let me know how good the translation is though.

10. Thin Lizzy - Still In Love With You
If you can't appreciate Thin Lizzy, we can't be friends. Phil Lynott and Gary Moore were so amazing together.

Grab your Kleenex and have a good cry. It can do wonders for the soul.

Many thanks to my beloved, internet sister, Ginger. You inspired me and this is not nearly as good as your playlist posts. I wish I was witty as you!


  1. I completely understand that feeling... I've been like this most of my life.

    Katatonia's music are one of my favorites to hear when I am melancholic/depressed, specially Tonight's Music.

    Now I feel like listening to Katatonia hehe, but since my father has passed away not even 2 weeks ago I am afraid I need to stick to more upbeat things.

    Lovely post <3

  2. Sarah, thank you for your kind words.
    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences to you and I wish you well.


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