Mighty Oregon manis of 2011

Good day friends!

I'm super excited that my Oregon Ducks will be playing in the Rose Bowl again. I'm currently working on my mani for it but I wanted to take the opportunity to review the 2011-2012 season of Duck Day manicures.
Let's Win the Day!

 Opening Day, tried to coordinate with the awesome new Combat unis.

I did something a little different with crackle.

I will always love my Ducks!

I went a little dotty...

Then I went glittery...

I played with how many greens are in the Ducks uni combos...

WTD - Win The Day

My first ever water marble.

Just DUCKy!

I also found the BEST hat EVER.

I am missing a few looks because one mani didn't turn out well AT all, I was in Vegas during the Stanford game and was not sporting my colors and I simply wore RBL Yellow Fever and Cherimoya Crucify to the Pac-12 championship game. 
I will return with my finished Rose Bowl manicure later on!

At Autzen Stadium, celebrating victory on Rich Brooks Field!

- Lamby, who can go absolutely crazy when it comes to showing spirit for the Ducks. 


  1. I live in Phoenix and recently came across a car with that big 'O' in green and yellow on the back window and there was a ducky and other stuff. Standing there staring at it for a few seconds I realized I knew what it was because I've read your blog!! LOL

  2. Wonderful collection of Ducky Nails!

  3. Loved the crackle one the best, I think.


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