The Mean Reds

Hey there.

This isn't the happiest post I've had to write but since I've had some time to reflect and many long talks with my husband, family and my besties, I can now look on the bright side.
I was let go from my job this week. It wasn't what I wanted to have happen but since I was no longer happy, it has become a good thing.  No worries though, Matt and I will be okay. Money may be a snotch tight but we can make it.

It only seems fitting that I feature nail polish in this post since I got it from Goodwill. Ah, irony...
I purchased this from a grab bag just like the massive haul I got back in July. Again I paid a ridiculously small amount.
This one is a bit of a mystery because it did not have it's label on the bottom. From what little detective work I've done, I think it may be Quarter of a Cent-cherry.

 Mystery OPI, three coats over ridge filler

Taken in weak sunlight

In my middle picture it looks like it has orange-brown tones but I can say for certain that it is a deeper almost blood red. In sun, it looks like a classic cherry red. I'm disappointed that I was unable to truly capture what I could see. I blame a combination of bad lighting and not knowing how to futz with the ISO on my camera. Gonna have to look into that...

I ended up having to loosen the cap my soaking it in very hot water before I could even open it. After cleaning the neck, I swiped on a VERY thick coat. Clearly, I was going to need to thin it out.
I added a little thinner and I had the classic OPI formula back to life.

Red isn't normally my thing but I had a hard time not buying the grab bag this came in. I essentially paid .33 cents for this. I do love me a bragain! I also received a bottle of Solar Oil in said grab bag. Solar Oil...
I found myself falling in love with this color. The person who donated it really loved it too since it's about three quarters full. I suspect they donated it because the formula thickened. (Which is why one must routinely clean bottle necks and cap TIGHTLY!!)

So, what color do you guys think this?

The good thing is that I will have more time to devote to my blog while I reassess things. It's good to have some freedom to do just one small thing I truly enjoyed. I'm actually looking forward to the future!


  1. This is pretty! I love it in the sunlight!

  2. Thank you!
    It is really a pretty red. I'm quite happy I decided to get it.


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