Metal on Metal

Good morning!

Since I have a bit more free time, I can finally catch up on my backlog of swatches.
Today I'm bringing you two more L.A. Girl Metal polishes that I picked up at the Fuego store in Portland at Pioneer Place.

Let's get to pictures and then I can share some thoughts.

 Metallic Olive, three coats
Don't mind the thin spots on my nails.
Stress peels and splits, you know.


 Bronze Medal, three coats

Okay then. Both of these are fairly sheer. Metallic Olive is buildable but Bronze Medal gave me the sads.
Scrangie swatched it at FIVE coats to make it opaque and I suppose I could have but I simply could not bear it any longer. Both colors dry much longer than I care for.
However, they are both so beautiful. 

Another thing about Bronze Medal is that it has an exact dupe with Love & Beauty Rust from Forever 21. (Okay, we all know both brands are exactly the same thing but whatever.) So, I unwittingly had two of the exact same polish just different brand names. I ended up giving my niece the bottle of Rust.

I've found Bronze Medal to be a better layering polish rather than a wear alone. Since Metallic Olive can still be a bit sheer even with three coats, I decided to layer both and see what happened.

 Index and Middle:
Color Club Rebel Spirit, two coats
topped with a thin coat of Bronze Medal
Ring and Pinkie:
Color Club Artsy Crafty
topped with a thin coat of Metallic Olive
Very lovely...

Bronze Medal is really fabulous for layering. It has an amazing glow and really adds some depth and interest.
Metallic Olive over green was wonderful and will most likely be used in next season's Duck Day Manicures.

That does it for today, guys. Hope I haven't scared you from both of these beauties. Just wanted you to know exactly what you would be getting into!

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