Hell yeah, I want cheezy poofs!

Good morning!

I adore a good neon. I live in Oregon and well, it's Oregon. If it ain't raining, it's probably just grey. And that's a good winter day. Anyway...neon cheers me up during these dark times and it's fun to wear in the dead of winter.

Let me show you my recent acquisition:

Cosmetic Arts Unnamed Neon
Index and middle are three coats over Essie Marshmallow
Ring and pinkie are three coats alone

Seriously. What is with this not naming your polish? I like a name. So I decided to call this Atomic Cheese.
The color reminds me of terrifying simulated cheese comestibles. It's a yellow based orange that was way more yellow in my pics. My Nikon really does not like neons...

Taken in actual SUN.

Like most neons, this dries matte.The formula is quite smooth but a bit runny. It dries fast and though it's not too bad on its own, I strongly suggest some underwear to ensure it really pops.

I picked this up at Ross for the super cheap $1.99. This is a welcome addition to my family of neons and it's already cheered me up immensely.

That does it for today, y'all. Thanks for coming by and have a spectacular day!


  1. I love Cheezy Poofs. You love Cheezy Poofs. If we didn't eat Cheezy Poofs, we'd be LAME! Sorry, I couldn't resist. This color reminds me of the powdered cheese you get in a box of mac and cheese. It's pretty cool!

  2. Thank you.
    It made me think of all of those "cheese inspired foods too."
    Who can resist Cheezy Poofs though?

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