Shades of Deep Purple

Good morning!

I did my first ombre manicure yesterday and I was quite pleased with how it came out. I never tried it before because I didn't think I owned enough of one color spectrum to do it. It's not perfect but it's pretty damn close considering.

 Thumb is Sephora - Hey DJ
Index is ChG Grape Pop
Middle is ChG Spontaneous
Ring is OPI Done Out In Deco
Pinkie is ELF Lilac

I really love this and it's awesome sauce to use so many shades of my favorite color in one manicure. 
Of course I wasn't going to rock this as is for one more day, it's just not in my nature.
So I pulled something special out of my stash to layer with. I adore what came to be.

 Ombre Manicure layered with Orly Satin Hues Satin Royalty
Above is without top coat

Same with top coat applied

Orly Satin Royalty is a HTF matte polish that is super sheer but with lovely duochrome action going on.
It makes for a much better layering polish than on its own but I'm so glad to have it. It is amazing!

Finally, two last pics taken in some sun. Yay sun!

I can't decide which layering combo I like best. It's pretty awesome on all of them!

That does it for me today. I have to gather some coupons, make a shopping list and get my house in order.
Thank you for coming by and have a wonderful day!

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  1. I love all the color! But I love how you coordinated them!


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