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Magnetic nail polish is pretty hot right now and I've jumped aboard. I only have three magnetic polishes but I find the differences to be quite amusing.

First up we have the high end of my spectrum, Layla Magneffect.

 Metallic Sky, three coats over Gelous

I purchased this at the Skins 6|2 Cosmetics store at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas for $14 before sales tax. The above pictures are from Thanksgiving. I was in a bit of a rush to finish getting ready and head to mom's so my cleanup was not so good. This is a fabulous color, dries quickly and the magnet was very simple to use. I was impressed with how well the design came up and I loved how easy it was to change the design by holding the magnet at a different angle.

Since then I have purchased two more magnetic polishes and I decided that I would re-swatch Metallic Sky as well as use all of my magnets on each one.

Index has two coats and used the Layla magnet. Three coats is best.
Middle used the Nabi magnet
Ring and pinkie used the Magnetix magnets

The Magnetix line is found at Rite-Aid, comes with TWO magnets and retails for $7.99.
I was a bit disappointed in this one. The color is kind of meh and its magnets don't seem to work as well with it as it does others. I don't believe these have names, rather, mine did not seem to have one on the packaging.

 Three coats
Index is Layla Magnet
Middle is Magnetix
Ring is Nabi
Pinkie is Magnetix

Last, I have the Nabi. It is also my favorite as well as the most affordable. I found this at Walgreens in the Thurston area of Springfield for $4.99. (Side rant: Why was this not at either of the two Walgreens I live smack dab in between??? Why did it have to be six miles away?? Look, I ride a bike. Six miles is a BIG deal for me. Get it together Walgreens!)

Moving along...

 Nabi Teal, three coats

Index is Layla 
Middle is Nabi
Ring is Magnetix
Pinkie is Magnetix

This is a true beauty. Clearly, it is not teal. It's a shimmery emerald with gold glitter. The gold really pops after you've used the magnet. Depending on how you hold the Nabi magnet, you can achieve a snazzy croco-like pattern. Awesome sauce. Can't wait to use this for Duck Day manis!

Lastly, I wanted to show you all of the magnets.

 Nabi magnet, on cap.
(Yep, I smudged.)
Works really well, easy to customize design.
 Magnetix magnets.
Love the design, love how it has wells cut out to rest on your finger and avoid hitting the nail.
Not as impressed with their pull.
Layla Magneffect magnet, on cap.
Works well, easy to customize design.

So there ya have it. How do you feel about the magnetic trend?

I'm off to bake some bread, y'all. I'm almost ashamed that I've been spending more time in the kitchen lately but I love to cook. Plus, I have made some kick ass South Beach Phase One meals. Dieting never tasted so good, yo. (By that I mean that Matt is on the diet. I have my secret stash of candy...)
Thanks for coming by!

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  1. Wow they are all so gorgeous! I have yet to get any!


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