Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't

Good morning!

Today I have some nail art for you. One is simple and cute while the other...not so much.
I don't mind sharing the experiments that didn't work out because I get great feedback from you guys as well as some handy tips and tricks. You are all so encouraging and you give me the inspiration to continue trying and improving.

Let's go with the winning look first.

I started by alternating ChG Papya Punch and Cosmetic Arts "Atomic Cheese."

Then I added dots. 
I used "Atomic Cheese" over Papya Punch and vice versa.

How cute is this? Polka dots are pretty easy to do but they sure can make an impact!

Moving along to my fail...

Base is Pure Ice Frosted Ice Pink-A-Boo
I used Essence Colour & Go
The Ultmate Pink,
What Do U Think
and Hard to Resist

I attempted to do a watercolor mani. Clearly, I got a little too heavy with the acetone and ended up taking big chunks out. However, I see where I got things right. I'm undaunted and I plan on practicing more.

Speaking of practicing, I'm still working on doing pandas, bears and pigs on my nails. So far, my bears are turning out pretty well. My pigs and pandas not so much. Practice, practice!

What nail art techniques have you been trying? 

That does it for today. I have library books to return and coupons and sales to stalk. Thanks for coming by!

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  1. Did you ever have the "Atomic Cheese" slushie? So weird. And exactly the same color as your nails ...
    Keep trying the watercolor! I haven't taken the plunge yet, but you seem to be on your way!


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