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Good morning!

Today I have some of my most recent nail art. I'm still playing with water marbling. Sponging is still my favorite method and you'll soon see why.
Let's take a look then!

Tape Manicure

Base is Revlon Royal
Duochrome diagonal is Sally Girl It's So Me 
Holo Glitter is Finger Paints Sapphire Shimmer

Seriously. Royal is so perfect. I love how this came out and I adore duochrome layers like this. Sweet!
I never use Scotch tape, I always use blue painter's tape. I had bad results with Scotch tape. It may be due to the fact that I only buy it at Dollar Tree and it's only marginally okay at holding paper together. Plus, I have three giant rolls of blue tape thanks to my mom.

Sponged Manicure

Base is one coat Maybelline Jungle Green
Sponged with Savina Black Pearl,
Hard Candy Beetle,
A tiny bit of Orly Winter Wonderland and 
Nicole It's All About The Glam

I was a little bummed that Winter Wonderland didn't quite give me the look I wanted. I did a little on my pinkie and ring then switched to the Nicole and did it over all fingers.
Nonetheless, I love how complex and textured this is. Sponging with duochromes and multichromes is the best!

My latest water marble

Two coats Gelous
My other "base" was Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud.
Sinful Colors Dream On and Sally Hansen Black Tie
all topped with Sally Hansen Glass Slipper

What I did her was start with a base of Gelous. I dropped in Lavender Cloud and Dream On and did alternate nails. Then I started again with drops of Lavender Cloud and Black Tie.
I jut wanted to see how it would look without painting my nails with a base color. It was a tiny bit sheer but nothing bothersome. All colors worked great for this method although Lavender Cloud could get a little sticky and stringy. Will definitely do again.

There ya have it! I've been having so much fun working on my nail art techniques. Do come by again because I have to share with you a recent discovery for nail polish shopping in my area!
Have a lovely day!


  1. All three looks are lovely! I especially like the second one. Aaaah you are so right about scotch tape, sometimes it just won't work and will ruin the design instead.

  2. @Cel
    Thank you!
    Glad to know someone agrees with me about scotch tape. ;)
    I also think painter's tape is easier to use with those fancy scissors and craft punches. Just sayin'...


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