Blood magnetic

Good morning!

I have yet another magnetic polish for you today. I was in Walgreens the other day to get Matt's prescription filled and was happy to find a Nabi display. I ranted before that I'd found them at another location six miles from my house and I was not happy. Glad they got it together!

Without further ado, let's move to the photos.

Nabi Magnetic Red, three coats

It's a very pretty metallic red. But guys, this formula SUCKS. Do you see the ragged strokes? This was ridiculously thick and sticky. I've since used thinner but I haven't tried applying it again. Why? Because this left some stains. I admit, I use a fairly crappy base coat for my swatches but I'm a little gun shy.
Me no like staining polishes.

 I sure hope the thinner works. I really like this and I want to wear it.

The magnet. Yep, nail polish smudges. 
Thanks, Gus,  for jogging my elbow.

I think the magnet on this is a bit weak. I need to try it on my other magnetic polishes to determine if that's the case.

Overall, I'm disappointed with this one. The color is great and it's awesome to see a red magnetic polish. Most seem to be darker colors like blues, purples, etc. I'm especially disappointed because my other Nabi magnetic is amazing! I will have to try it again since I've added thinner. I'll be certain to use a better base coat too.

That does it for today, guys. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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