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Good morning!

Taking a wee break from showing you all of my Canadian haul to present you with a strange little find in my hometown.
I was spending the day with my mom and my auntie when we happened upon a new store (New to us. This place had been a discount furniture store previously.) in West Eugene. It was called "The Big Deal."
It's a seriously no-frills place that buys deadstock, damages and closeout merchandise from other retailers and sells them at seriously discounted prices. It's similar to much of what I dealt with at Goodwill, we would buy pallets of returns/deadstock/damage discount merchandise from Target and Walmart then resell in the stores.

Most of the merchandise is brand new, some are obviously returns but all in all it's unused and brand new. Mom wanted to find a new microwave so that's why we wandered in. Boy was I glad we did!
We walked in to find a giant pallet of haircolor kits that Auntie immediately dove into. There were clothes, accessories, electronics, furniture and more. What drew me in were the tubs full of cosmetics.
Specifically, the tubs of nail polish.

I was excited by what they had to offer and pretty damned giddy over the price considering what I was snatching up. Without further ado, let's move on to the photos.

 Sally Hansen HD in Resolution, three coats, no top

As you can see from the bottle, it has a sticker noting it's transfer into discount land. (I'll be honest, many of the bottles I sorted through had these stickers as well as other bits of polish splashed on them.)
I don't know why I did not buy this before. The shade is amazing! It has shifts of gold, blue and copper.
It's not a true green nor is it a true aqua but somewhere in between.
I am so happy to have it!

Sally Hansen has been making us all pretty damn happy the last few years with the great colors and finshes they've been offering. But let's be honest. It can be kinda pricey for a drugstore polish. I've seen the HD line go anywhere between $5.99 and $7.49. While I'm comfortable with the $5.99, I'm less so when it climbs above that. Don't even get me started on the weird pricing for the Complete Salon Manicure line...
That said, I purchased this for the pleasing price of 99 cents.
I was prepared to have some issues considering it came from the bowels of Walmart and was most likely abused by the fine clientele who shops there. Luckily no! And not even with the other lovelies I snagged.

To wrap up, if you have stores like this in your area it may be wise to check them out and see what they have to offer. I do advise you to be careful if you buy electronics however. They may not work and some stores offer no returns or exchanges!

Nail polish friends in the Eugene metro, The Big Deal is located at 630 Garfield in Eugene. They accept Visa and offer a 7 day exchange. Check them out!

I will be showing you more from The Big Deal so be sure to come back!

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