Layering Quickie Post

Good day!

In going through all of my pictures, I found a layered look I had done from a few months ago. It looked pretty snazzy so I decided to share it with you today.

Here is the original look:

Ring finger is Golden Rose Paris Holographic #113 
All others are Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm
(The original CC that is.)

I layered Essie Shine of the Times over #113
and Love & Beauty Blue/Green

Why did I layer over two awesome holos? As you can clearly see, this was just a refresher. I wore the original holo combo for a day and had some minor tip wear. I wanted to see what a flakie and a sheer duochrome would do over a holo. The flakie is nice but both end up obscuring the holo. Lesson learned.
It still looked pretty snazzy.

That does it for now, guys. I'm off to go workout and get some new reads from the library today.
 Hope you have a lovely day!

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