Oh my GOSH.

Good morning!

As promised, I have MOAR polish from Canada to show.
This one was purchased from Shoppers Drug Mart and was definitely my single most important shopping trip.
We all speak of lemmings and how others have created new yearnings with the lovely swatches. I'm not immune and thanks to the many lovely Canadian and European bloggers, you had me dying for GOSH.

It's been unclear how and where one can purchase GOSH in the States. There is a website here that you can order from but the selection is VERY limited and does not include some of the more popular shades. Not to mention, the price is prohibitive to a cheapskate such as myself. So, yeah. We Americans are pretty SOL on this one.
UNLESS...you travel to Canada. Then, my friends, you can find this amazing treasure.

 GOSH Gasoline, three coats, no top

Goodness, that is lovely. I was so impressed with the glass fleck and duochrome. It was even lovelier in person! Some swatches I've seen are more purple and the difference in mine come down to two factors: the crappy base coat I use for swatching and not doing a very good job swatching. (I had about three things going on at once as well as trying to herd three rambunctious kitties who were crazy go nuts over the squirrels in my backyard.)

I realize I'm not giving you the best and I apologize. However, I believe this shows the amazing dimension Gasoline has. Fear not, this will reappear again and in much better form.

That's one lemming down and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to snatch it up! 

Tell me, what lemmings do you have and which have you crossed of your list recently?


  1. I guess as a Canadian I feel like I trip over GOSH and I take it for granted. I find the formula a little tricky to control. I dont have Gasoline but I think I need it now, lol

  2. @Candy
    I'm envious that you have such easy access to GOSH. However, I love visiting Canada so much so it's just yet another reason I have to come back again and again!

  3. I'm behind on reading. But I did blog about GOSH two weeks ago or so. Walgreen's on State Street in Chicago has it in it's concept store. they have a great big display! Selling for $8. Going o be useful for me when I have the money for swapping.


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