Preening like a Peacock

Good morning!

Today I have another beauty from my trip to Canada.
I've fallen madly in love with this color and you'll soon see why.

 Joe Fresh Peacock, three coats, no top coat

Peacock is a gorgeous deep metallic blue with a slight duochrome.
The formula was lovely and it was well pigmented. I'm really impressed with how quickly these dry.
Peacock is a stunner and quite shiny before topcoat.

I'm so happy to have finally have this. I don't have enough colors like this in my stash.
I have one more to bring you but I'm waiting for the weather to improve. Late winter/early spring in Oregon is bizarre. Yesterday, it alternated from freezing rain, snow and weak sun. I desperately need some sun to sow off my last Joe Fresh!!!

While I wait for sun and wear my rain boots, sunglasses and parka; I shall be bringing you more from my Canadian haul as well as some other fun finds here at home.
Thanks for coming by and I hope the weather is better wherever you may be!

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