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Good morning!

Today I have something from my trip to Vancouver, B.C. It was so fun to shop there. Where I stayed was actually in Burnaby and my hotel was pretty much attached to the Metropolis at Metrotown mall. That place was just tremendous. I've been to some giant malls before but nothing quite like this. I spent an entire day just wandering through.
I had asked all the lovely Canadian ladies for suggestions of places to shop and the amazing Halifax of Sparkled Beauty gave me a great list!

One of her suggestions was Loblaws/Superstore for Joe Fresh. I vaguely recalled seeing Loblaws when I was in Toronto several years ago but I had never gone there. I was researching locations before I left and I thought I was going to have to trek to get to a Superstore. Not so! It was 600 meters away from my hotel. (For those of us not conversant in metrics, it was less than a mile. INSIDE the mall.)
Anyway. I found the location and I had three lovely bottles of polish in my little mitts. Evidently, they are pretty much always on sale 3 for 10 CAD which was awesome for me!

On to the pics then!

 Mallard, three coats

What a lovely green creme!
O Hai, you can see my reflection on my nails.

I HAD to have this. I am always in need of good green cremes. I could not resist on that basis but more importantly because of the name. Mallard will definitely be used for Duck Day manicures!
I expected this to be thick for some reason. It was not, it applied very smoothly. I could have managed in two coats but I usually prefer three. Dry time was reasonably quick.
Mallard was a great introduction to Joe Fresh for me and now I can't wait to go back to Canada and get more!
Good thing Vancouver is an eight hour drive...

I really loved Vancouver and I can't wait to visit again. I will have a post soon with some of the pictures I took and some stories. It was a wonderful visit! 
Thanks again to Halifax for the suggestions and the help offered. You are always so wonderful!


  1. I love this shade! It's on my wish list. It looks really nice on you.

  2. @Jill
    Thank you very much! I really hope you'll be able to get your hands on it. It's pretty awesome!


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