Rust in Peace

Good day!

I was inspired by the rust manicure at Wacky Laki and the grunge manicure at Nails Adored to try my hand. This gave me another opportunity to try the "watercolor" effect that I failed miserably on the last time. The tutorial at Nails Adored gave me a clearer guide to use acetone in that way.

Anyway, I tried this out on one finger since I was practicing but I'm really pleased how it turned out.

I started with a base of Color Club Rebel Spirit. I used a large angle brush to apply Orly Viridian Vinyl.
Then I used a fan brush to apply Orly Pure Porcelain. I used two smaller brushes to add a touch of Orly Orange Punch and Purple Velvet.
I was really careful when I brushed the nail with acetone. I made sure to dab my brush well before touching the nail. I patted at it and made light brush strokes similar to applying polish. Finally, I decided to add a touch more pressure and make a swipe down the middle of the nail. It looks like I got far down to the base but no, it just pulled the orange into the middle.

This came out really well and I'm excited to do a full mani. Once I do, I will be sure to show you!

Thanks for coming by. I'm off to to clean up the mess the storm left before it rains AGAIN.
Have a wonderful day!


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